By Roberta Romero

“I can’t take time off from work”, “my kids need me”, “I have too many obligations”.

Yes, we know that life can make it hard to take time for yourself even when it comes to something as critical as your inability to get and stay sober! At Residence XII, we have an outstanding program that’s designed to fit YOUR life.

It’s called Intensive Out Patient, also known as I-O-P.

Approximately 60% of women seeking help for their substance abuse disorder choose to get help from our I-O-P program. I-O-P allows women to continue taking care of their families, their jobs and other obligations while learning how to live a sober life in a structured environment that offers support and accountability. Our program includes safe small groups for sharing, addressing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery, as well as one on one counseling and family support.

Just as important, it creates a support group of women who can provide the foundation you need to get and stay sober. IOP graduates are a vital part of the Residence XII Alumnae Community sharing life and recovery together! We want all women to feel empowered and hopeful as they begin a new sober journey.

I-O-P offers convenient morning and evening programs. We also have Continuing Care which is a great follow-up to I-O-P with ongoing support and accountability to help you adjust and integrate a recovery lifestyle.

We recognize that many women need support in other areas. The Residence XII Extended Care specialty programs provides options for a deeper understanding of how addiction affects women.

Seeking Safety provides support in developing coping skills, gaining control over symptoms of PTSD, while developing social supports and resources for recovery.

Helping Women Recover provides an opportunity for women to create a vision for successful sobriety by addressing healthy relationships, sexuality, body image, spirituality meditation and other topics.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Coping Skills helps women to build skills to address and prevent relapse by reducing negative thoughts, improving communication skills, effectively managing stress, and developing healthy relationships.

We know how hard the first steps to sobriety can be, you are not alone! We are dedicated to meeting you where you are at, and providing the community to make life long changes.